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July 03, 2000

City of Philadelphia Department of Records Announces New Document Recording Fee Schedule

City of Philadelphia Department of Records Announces New Document Recording Fee Schedule

July 3, 2000

Re: Fees of the Commissioner of Records - Document Recording

Recently, City Council and the Mayor approved an amendment to Section 10-1001, entitled "Fees of Commissioner of Records," of The Philadelphia Code. The amended document recording fee schedule has several advantages. It streamlines and simplifies fees improving customer service as well as the efficiency of the document recording process. The Document Recording staff will expend less time calculating the total fees due per transaction. Every minute saved in document recording translates to approximately 15 hours daily given our average daily incoming volume. Additionally, a simplified fee schedule benefits you, our customer, by reducing confusion about the cost per document recorded. The current myriad of charges per document (recording fee - one for each document type - legal description, address, noting, bulk filer and rejection fees) will be replaced with one charge per document. The recording fee for deeds is $46.00 plus $.50 State Writ Tax and $2.00 County Fee. Deeds require additional processing steps and therefore additional costs. The recording fee for all other document types is $41.00 plus $.50 State Writ Tax and $2.00 County Fee. However, please note that for Uniform Commercial Code documents filed in the county Recorders Office, the State requires specified fees. Documents presented for recording are rejected unless accompanied by payment in the correct amount. Less confusion will result in fewer rejected documents due to incorrect payment. Additionally, the proposed fees are realigned to reflect current operational costs. As you know, in December 1999, the Department implemented a new automated system. As a result of process change and automation, we are able to return documents within three to five days, depending upon the incoming volume. The investment in technology has obvious benefits.

The new fee schedule is effective July 3, 2000. On July 10, 2000, we will reject documents that are not accompanied with the correct revised fees.

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