Feb. 4, 2004

The special meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. by co-chair Kathleen Wilkinson.

I. Introduction
This special meeting of the State Civil Committee was held in the high technology courtroom at City Hall, Courtroom 625, to introduce the members of the Committee to all of the special features of Courtroom 625 and the procedures in place to request trials in the courtroom. Kathleen Wilkinson welcomed everyone to the special meeting and then immediately proceeded to begin the program outlining all of the features of Courtroom 625.

II. Introductory Remarks
Common Pleas Court President Judge Massiah-Jackson and Judges James J. Fitzgerald, III and William J. Manfredi provided introductory remarks about Courtroom 625, including the time, effort and resources dedicated to provide the most highly developed technological courtroom in the entire Commonwealth. Following the introductory remarks, the program was turned over to the Court of Common Pleas Courtroom Technologist and the featured speakers.

III. Daniel Bupp
Mr. Bupp is the Courtroom Technologist for the Court of Common Pleas with specific responsibility for Courtroom 625. Mr. Bupp provided a brief demonstration of the features of Courtroom 625 as well as the procedures for requesting use of the courtroom for trial and then turned the program over to Lee Diamondstein and Richard Herrmann.

IV. Joint Program On Use Of Technology And The Interactive Courtroom And Showing Actual Animations Used At Trials
Mr. Herrmann provided a detailed overview of the use of technology in an interactive courtroom, including a discussion of possible evidentiary issues concerning the use of such technology. Following Mr. HerrmannÂ’s presentation, Mr. Diamondstein then provided specific animation examples to illustrate the benefits of the use of technology not only at trial but also at the settlement stage as well. Mr. DiamondsteinÂ’s company, Animation Technologies, has extensive experience in the use of technology for  trial presentation and Mr. Diamondstein provided a number of examples in various areas of the law including medical malpractice and products liability. The Web site for Animation Technologies is Following the presentation, there was a wine and cheese reception in the Law Library, Room 600 at City Hall.

V. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 4 at the usual location at the Bar Association.
Respectfully submitted,
Gregg W. Mackuse