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Nov. 1, 2016 | Vol. 17, No. 46
 |  An e-Newsbrief from the Philadelphia Bar Association  | 

2016 Notice of Election

The Philadelphia Bar Association's Annual Election of officers and members of the Board of Governors will be conducted in 2016 via online ballot for the first time. Officers to be elected are vice chancellor, secretary, treasurer, assistant secretary, assistant treasurer and five members of the Board of Governors for three-year terms.

According to Article IV, Section 406, Paragraph B, "The election shall be conducted electronically over the Internet pursuant to procedures established by the Board to preserve the confidentiality of the Member's vote and the integrity of the voting process. The position of the nominee on the ballot shall be determined by lot. The drawing of lots shall be conducted by the Judge of Elections not less than 25 days before the commencement of voting in the presence of the nominees and/or their representatives. The form of the ballot shall be prescribed by the Board."

Members will receive their ballots in an email on Monday, Nov. 21 with instructions. Online voting will end on Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m.

Candidates for the 2016 Election are:

Vice Chancellor:
Rochelle M. Fedullo

Marc J. Zucker

Regina M. Foley

Assistant Secretary:
Jennifer S. Coatsworth

Assistant Treasurer:
Natalie Klyashtorny

Hon. Mark B. Cohen
Katayun I. Jaffari
Michael Mattioni
Hon. Sandra Mazer Moss (Ret.)
Maureen M. Olives
Amber M. Racine
Jennifer L. Seme