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 |  An e-Newsbrief from the Philadelphia Bar Association  | 

Platt Voted Vice Chancellor

Mary F. Platt, counsel at Fineman Krekstein & Harris P.C., has been elected Vice Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Platt, voted in by Association members in the Dec. 8 election, will serve as Vice Chancellor in 2016, Chancellor-Elect in 2017 and Chancellor in 2018.

The following candidates for Association offices ran unopposed and will begin serving in their positions on Jan. 1: Jacqueline G. Segal, Secretary; Regina M. Foley, Treasurer; Jennifer S. Coatsworth, Assistant Secretary; and Natalie Klyashtorny, Assistant Treasurer.

The following five candidates ran unopposed and will begin serving their three-year terms on the Association's Board of Governors on Jan. 1:

  • Edward F. Beitz
  • Maureen Farrell
  • James Funt
  • Wendy Castor Hess
  • Adam M. Taylor

Seven candidates were also elected to three-year terms to the Young Lawyers Division Executive Committee and will begin serving their terms on Jan. 1. They are:

  • Colin Burke
  • Lily Dideban
  • Lauren Friedberg
  • Lindsey R. Harteis
  • Matthew P. Rubba
  • Sarah O. Schindler
  • Michaella Tassinari