Resolution in Memoriam of Tanya Neiman

WHEREAS, Tanya Neiman, the talented longtime Director of Volunteer Lawyers of San Francisco was an outstanding pro bono advocate, generous with her time and advice to all who sought it;

WHEREAS, Tanya Neiman, upon the request of the leaders of the Philadelphia Bar Association, came to Philadelphia in 1987, helped engineer the revitalization of Philadelphia VIP, and provided invaluable advice to VIP staff, board members and bar leaders;

WHEREAS, Tanya Neiman remained a great friend to Philadelphia VIP and maintained her relationship with Philadelphia VIP over the years and continued to provide advice and inspiration to further the pro bono spirit;

WHEREAS, Tanya Neiman was a founder of the National Association of Pro Bono Coordinators, an organization which Philadelphia VIP helped lead in its earliest years and which has benefited countless pro bono programs across the country and their thousands of clients who had nowhere else to turn;

WHEREAS, Tanya Neiman recently passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT BE RESOLVED that the Philadelphia Bar Association, through its Board of Governors and Public Interest Section, hereby extends its sincerest thanks and deepest condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of Tanya Neiman at this time, in memory and gratitude for her lifelong devotion to the pursuit of justice and the ethic of pro bono service.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chancellor and the Chair of the Public Interest Section, and any others of the Association who were privileged to work with Tanya Neiman, be authorized to communicate this expression of appreciation and thanks to the family, friends and colleagues.