WHEREAS, the Committee on Insurance Programs shall be responsible for the general oversight of insurance programs offered to the members and staff of the Association;

WHEREAS, the Association’s broker of record is Colburn Insurance Service;

WHEREAS, there have been numerous requests over the past year for the offering of a long term care product sponsored by the Association;

WHEREAS, the Insurance Programs Committee feels it in the best interests of the members of the Association to have such insurance available;

WHEREAS, Colburn Insurance Service has reviewed the market for this product and has recommended to the Insurance Programs Committee that it recommend endorsement of the product offered by UNUM Insurance Company;

WHEREAS, the Insurance Programs Committee has voted to make such a recommendation to the Association’s Board of Governors,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of Governors agrees to sponsor this long term care insurance program and make it available to members of the Association.

ADOPTED: March 23, 2000