WHEREAS, Kenneth Shear has served as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Bar Association since December, 1976; and

WHEREAS, his tenure as Executive Director has spanned 25 years, constituting more than one-tenth of the life of this historic association; and

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association has grown, thrived and won statewide, regional and national recognition under his direction; and

WHEREAS, the Association remains a model for many other associations and greatly benefits from Mr. Shear's experience, dedication, leadership and direction; and

WHEREAS, Kenneth Shear has totally committed his intelligence, energy and good judgment to the well-being of this Association above all other professional concerns; and

WHEREAS, he has won the respect and admiration of those who have had the good fortune to work for and with him.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Officers and Board of Governors, on behalf of the entire 13,000 attorney Philadelphia Bar Association, do hereby express our gratitude to Kenneth Shear for his 25 years of distinguished service to this Association; that we join in the pride of this extraordinary accomplishment, that we congratulate him on his unprecedented service and that we look forward to Kenneth Shear's continued fine work to advance the mission of the Philadelphia Bar Association as it enters its third century of service to Philadelphia lawyers and the public.

ADOPTED: December 20, 2001