Philadelphia Bar Association Resolution Supporting The Restoration Of State Funding For Treatment Of Substance Abuse

WHEREAS, the proposed budget for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Fiscal Year 2003-2004 contains over $100 million dollars in cuts for provision of drug and alcohol treatment to the citizens of Pennsylvania;

WHEREAS, these cuts include the elimination of the Behavioral Health Services Initiative ($28 million for drug and alcohol treatment), the Intergovernmental Transfer Program ($12.782 million), the Act 152 (Medicaid) line item ($18.175 million) and the reduction of the Intermediate Punishment line of PCCD from $13 million to $7.754 million;

WHEREAS, an additional $40 million would be cut from HealthChoices, a Medicaid managed care program, eliminating coverage for residential detoxification, rehabilitation and halfway houses, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient service;

WHEREAS, under the current funding 77,000 people received services annually under these eliminated funding streams;

WHEREAS, these cuts will result in the denial of treatment to addicted women who are pregnant, addicted women with dependent children, the working poor, children and criminal justice referrals;

WHEREAS, untreated addictions will cost Pennsylvania taxpayers many times this amount through increased crime, family violence, child abuse, health care costs, workplace costs, mental health services, emergency room admissions, prison populations, placement of children and job losses;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Philadelphia Bar Association urges the Governor and the Pennsylvania General Assembly to restore all funding for drug and alcohol treatment services which has been eliminated from the Commonwealth budget for Fiscal Year 2003-2004 and authorizes the Chancellor to communicate the Bar Association's support of the restoration of funding.

ADOPTED: May 28, 2003