12.1 Substantive Bylaw Amendments.

  • 12.1.1 Except as provided in Section 12.3, amendment of these Bylaws may be initiated by submission of an amendment to the Voting Members after either:
    • The Board shall first have approved the amendment and its submission to the Voting Members; or
    • Upon receipt by the Board of a petition signed by at least 200 Members requesting the submission of a bylaw amendment to the Voting Members.
  • 12.1.2 Any such proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Voting Members after the text of the proposed amendment shall have been Published on three occasions with the last publication at least 20 days prior to action by the Members thereon. The proposed amendment shall become a bylaw:
    • By a majority vote of those Voting Members voting in the same manner as for the election of Board Members and Officers; or
    • By a majority vote of those members present and voting at an Annual, stated or special meeting of the Members, provided that at least 100 Members are present; or
    • By a majority vote of those Members voting by secret ballot, provided that at least 100 Members shall have cast a ballot.

12.2 Resubmission Of Rejected Amendments.

Any proposed amendment of any part of the Charter or the Bylaws, either in form or in substance, which shall have been rejected by the Members, shall not be proposed again until at least six months have passed after the date of such rejection.

12.3 Formal Bylaw Amendments.

The Board may from time to time rearrange and renumber these Bylaws or portions thereof, insert and change descriptive headings, correct typographical errors and make conforming and other purely formal changes without approval of the Voting Members; but no change in the substance of any provision of these Bylaws shall be made except as provided in Section 12.1. The Secretary shall include the text of every amendment adopted by the Board pursuant to this Section in the call for the next stated or special meeting of the Association.