Opinion 2002-8
(October 2002)

The inquirer is a licensed practicing attorney. He is also licensed real estate salesperson. He would like to indicate on his real estate literature, business cards, ads, etc. that he is also an attorney by using either "Esquire," "J.D." and/or similar designation. He also advises that he intends to make full disclosure, where appropriate, as to the professional services he is providing, i.e. salesperson or attorney.

Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 7.1 provides in part that, "A lawyer shall not make a false or misleading communication about the lawyer or the lawyer's services." Since the inquirer is both a licensed attorney as well as a licensed real estate salesperson there is no prohibition in the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct which would prohibit him listing his attorney status on his real estate business cards, etc. providing he maintains his current law license.

The Committee points out that Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 5.7, which addresses an attorney's responsibilities regarding the provision of both legal and non legal services to individuals. Since the areas of real estate sales and real estate law are closely related, the Committee urges the inquirer to carefully review the provisions of Rule 5.7 and act accordingly when it is appropriate to do so.















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