Judicial Commission: The Investigative Division

The one hundred and twenty member Investigative Division represents the eyes and ears of the Judicial Commission. Investigative Division members interview the judicial candidates as well as lawyers, judges and others knowledgeable about the candidates. The investigators review writing samples and assess the candidates' qualifications and, based on their research, make recommendations to the Commission on what rating particular candidates should receive. The continuing high quality of work performed by the Investigative Division is essential to the ongoing credibility of the Commission.

Members of the Investigative Division are appointed by the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association. Generally, members of the Investigative Division serve three year terms, and cannot serve more than two terms consecutively. Approximately one-third of the Investigative Division members are non-lawyers. The Commission's Guidelines require that members of the division shall cover a broad spectrum of the profession and the public and the perspectives of lawyers and community members from across the spectrum of experience are valued.

An investigative team typically consists of one attorney coordinator, one lay member, one Commission member to serve as liaison to the Commission, and two additional members. To the extent possible, effort is made to ensure that a variety of viewpoints and experiences are represented within each team.