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September 08, 2003

Chancellor Issues September 11 Statement

Speaking on behalf of the Philadelphia Bar Association's 13,000 members, Association Chancellor Audrey C. Talley released the following statement coinciding with the upcoming second anniversary of the Sept. 11 atrocities:

"Certainly all of us can remember where we were and what we were doing when we first heard the news on Sept. 11, 2001. But how many of us can identify what we have done in the days that have followed to help others, to affirm justice, to build a renewed sense of community and to support greater security without undermining freedom and liberty? This is the ongoing challenge that we face in a post-9/11 world. Surely, we will never forget those who perished, the brave men and women who unhesitatingly responded and the courage of those who live on. But how can we best remember? The answer is clear: We must act in a manner that constantly reaffirms our American ethic of a free and just society. As members of the nation's oldest chartered metropolitan bar association, as lawyers and as citizens we pledge to make this our personal and collective mission."
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