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September 12, 2001

Chancellor Calls for Strong Resolve in Wake of National Tragedy

We have all witnessed a terrifying, outrageous and devastating crime -- a crime against our nation and a crime against civilization itself. Our hearts now are with the victims and their loved ones. This is a wrenching time for all of us.

The thirst to "set things right" or "even the score" is powerful and often overwhelming at times like these. A feeling of intense anger is understandable. But as individuals we must all take care not to lash out mindlessly and personally. Instead, we must try to remain calm, careful, cautious, caring and attentive.

Our job is to help in the restoration of normalcy and the unification and resolve of our community and our nation. We can do that by giving blood, by volunteering where and when necessary, by contributing to relief agencies and by praying and working for and with others who seek to do good in the face of unspeakable evil. Every man, woman and child can participate in some way in doing good.

Our prayers must be for all those affected and for our national leaders as well in the hope that they will make the right decisions as this huge burden of responsibility falls upon them in the days and weeks ahead.

Obviously the perpetrators of this horror and all those who assisted them in any way must be held accountable. The laws of our nation give this power to our government. When this power is carried out in extraordinary situations such as this, one hopes that it might be carried out swiftly, strongly, and relentlessly so that it clearly answers the crime and leaves absolutely no misunderstanding about our strength and resolve. That is as it should be.

Our nation is too strong, our system is too just, our people are too good to countenance anything less than the strongest possible response to this horrific crime.

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