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April 09, 2001

Read an Important Letter from Chancellor Primavera

To the Members of the Bar:

On April 5, the members of the Philadelphia Bar Association present and voting approved an amendment to our Association's Bylaws permitting voting by mail in our annual elections and also opening the door to Internet voting "to the extent permitted by law and pursuant to procedures established by the Board of Governors to preserve the confidentiality of the member's vote and the integrity of the voting process."
This issue was debated and contested for quite some time. There was a democratic vote on the question. The matter is now resolved. As I said before the vote: "Regardless of the outcome, our Association, now almost 200 years old, will survive and thrive if we all participate." We will now have new opportunities to get involved.
My hope is that we will all participate and turn our attention to important issues facing the profession. To name a few, these include: the funding of legal services to the indigent, multi-jurisdictional practice, merit selection of judges, the New Jersey bona-fide office rule, multi-disciplinary practice, new threats to the rights of clients and consumers and our city's tax policies and its future well-being. With your help, these are issues which your Association will address with strength and unity in the months ahead.
Those who would seek to undermine our influence and erode the cause of justice are far more threatening to us and warrant far more concern than any passing internal dispute within our professional family. All of us recognize that. Along with my predecessors and my successors, I look forward to leading our Association and our profession to the threshold of its third century of service.
Together, let all of us continue to build the strong, active, progressive Philadelphia Bar Association that stands as a model for other associations everywhere.
Carl S. Primavera
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