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January 14, 2002

President Bush Commends Philly Lawyers on Accomplishments

Extolling Philadelphia lawyers for "working to promote excellence in your profession and to serve your neighbors compassionately," President George W. Bush has told the Philadelphia Bar Association that "you strengthen our community and contribute to our Nation's greatness." The President's comments are contained in a letter appearing in the just-released commemorative issue of the Association's magazine marking the group's Bicentennial.

"I also applaud your commitment to provide valuable legal assistance, representation, and other services to people who are in need," the President states. And President Bush lauds the Association for its attorney mentoring program "which enables young people to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to become upstanding citizens."

"As members of the nation's oldest chartered metropolitan bar association, I commend you for upholding the integrity of the legal profession," the President writes. "Your efforts to improve the administration of justice and to preserve the independence of the judiciary help to ensure fair and equitable justice for all Americans."

Reacting to the President's message, Association Chancellor Allan H. Gordon expressed "deep appreciation and humility."

"We are tremendously honored to be so recognized by the President of the United States," Gordon said. "We hope to always be worthy of such praise. We share with the President a sense of responsibility to our nation. It is heartening to be reminded that we are working for the same things: a more just society; a fair and independent judiciary; a brighter future for our young people; help for those less fortunate and a democracy committed to the Rule of Law," Gordon said.

"For almost as long as the life of the nation itself this Bar Association, founded in the cradle of liberty, has been committed to the cause of freedom," the Chancellor added. "Our rich history and the kind words of the President of the United States and many others compel us to move forward with hope and renewed commitment," he concluded.

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