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November 12, 2002

NPR'S Justice Talking Seeks Audience Members for Nov. 18 Show

Members of the Philadelphia Bar Association are invited to join the live audience of National Public Radio's award-winning, Justice Talking on Monday, Nov. 18  at the Wistar Institute, 36th and Spruce Sts. in Philadelphia, for one, or both, of two shows.

The first show, airing from 4:30 until 6 p.m., will discuss Yucca Mountain and whether it is a reasonable solution or a nuclear nightmare in waiting? Opponents of the proposed nuclear waste repository in Nevada describe the transport of tons of radioactive waste from more than 100 temporary storage sites at nuclear power plants across the nation as "Mobile Chernobyls." They also warn that the mass movement of radioactive material through 43 states creates ready targets for terrorists and endangers millions of Americans. Over the objections of Nevada's Governor and its citizens, Congress recently voted to locate a permanent facility at Yucca Mountain, a two-hour drive south of Las Vegas. Proponents say that long-term underground storage at a central location is the best and safest solution to the nuclear waste problem. On the Senate floor, Minority Leader Trent Lott urged his colleagues to choose science over scare tactics and vote in favor of the proposed site.

"Megan's Law Before the High Court," airing from 7:30 - 9 p.m., will explore the question: Do communities have a right to know if convicted sex-offenders live in their neighborhoods? As a matter of safety, many parents and public officials say they should be able to warn children and watch for signs of trouble. Civil liberties advocates question whether notification does more harm than good, violating individual privacy rights and making it all but impossible for ex-offenders to re-enter society. Is it double jeopardy or a double check? The final say on Megan's Law, as it is referred to in most states and at the federal level, goes to the Supreme Court this term.

To sign up for free tickets to be a part of the live studio audience, visit  or call Erin Mooney, Associate Producer of Justice Talking, at (215) 898-7757.

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