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May 12, 2005

Chancellor Chirls on the Business Privilege Tax: Write To Your Council Person

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Dear Colleague:

For several years now your Philadelphia Bar Association has been fighting for local tax reform. We have testified at City Council, we've spoken individually with Council members and other city officials, we've joined with like-minded groups and we've publicly advocated the package of tax reforms and tax cuts recommended by the Mayor's Tax Reform Commission.
Now, we are at a crucial point.
The vote to phase out the city's Business Privilege Tax is approaching. In fact, City Council has scheduled hearing on this matter for May 19. The Bar Association has made its voice heard. Now it's your turn. While City Council members like to hear from key constituencies and important groups and organizations in the city, they also like to hear from real people with real concerns: people like you. Our elected officials need to hear from you. Time is of the essence. Click HERE to find a sample letter to City Council members and HERE for a list of the names and addresses. We would greatly appreciate it if you could fax a letter on firm letterhead or send a similar e-mail message to each member of City Council expressing your support for the elimination of the Business Privilege Tax. You can borrow from the sample letter but please make every effort to use your own words. If you don't have the ability to fax a letter on your firm's stationery, I urge you to write a personal letter.
The recommendations of the Tax Reform Commission represent a true plan for change that will allow the city to grow and prosper. Phasing out the Business Privilege Tax is an important part of this plan. Please, write the letter now, send it on its way and urge friends and colleagues to do the same. For more information go to
Your voice can make an important difference!

Very truly yours,
Andrew A. Chirls
Sample Letter
Contact Information for City Council
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