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February 02, 2006

Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors Adopts Resolution Advocating Educational Funding

PHILADELPHIA—The Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors unanimously adopted a resolution at its January 26 meeting calling for an evaluation and overhaul of the funding of public education in Pennsylvania. The resolution “urges the General Assembly to enact a system of educational funding consistent with their Constitutional duty, ending the gross disparity currently existing in educational opportunity available to students in Philadelphia and many other districts around the Commonwealth.”

Representatives of the Philadelphia Bar Association distributed the resolution to members of the Philadelphia delegation as well as to the governor’s office today.

The resolution originated in the Association’s Committee for the Delivery of Legal Services Sub-committee on Education and was presented to the board by committee members Janet Stotland, Co-Director Educational Law Center, and Michael Churchill, Chief Counsel for The Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia.

“If we are committed to equal justice under the law, and we are, then it is time that we also spoke out for equal educational opportunity for Pennsylvania's students. The substantial disparity in funding for school districts prevents students in Philadelphia and other under-funded districts from having access to the kind of quality education offered in wealthier school systems,” said Alan M. Feldman, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association. “We urge the Governor and the legislature to move Pennsylvania to a more equitable funding process that promotes equality of educational opportunity for all of our students.”

The resolution details the disparities in the funding of school districts in Pennsylvania, noting that Pennsylvania ranks as the state with the 8th greatest disparities in funding with the spending per student ranging by district from $6,344 to $16,803.

Click HERE to read the full resolution.

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