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February 24, 2006

Phila. Bar Assn. Backs Compliance with Philadelphia Political Contribution Limits

PHILADELPHIA – Alan M. Feldman, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, has called on all candidates and potential candidates for city-wide offices, including candidates for mayor, to voluntarily comply with the City of Philadelphia’s ordinance limiting campaign finance contributions. On behalf of the Association, the Chancellor urged all its members to observe the limits for donations by individuals and businesses as set forth in the ordinance.

“Observance of the campaign contribution limits will send a positive message in support of fair elections and will create a level playing field for all candidates,” Feldman said. The Association did not take a position regarding various legal issues that have arisen surrounding interpretation and application of the ordinance, instead the Association endorsed the campaign finance limits as a useful measure to end what some have described as a “pay to play” environment in the city.
The Philadelphia Bar Association, with a membership of nearly 13,000, was established in 1802 and includes most local attorneys as well as the members of the judiciary.

“As one of the leading civic organizations in the city, it is one of our duties to be concerned with the workings of city government,” Feldman said. “This ordinance helps promote the integrity of our electoral system, and our members can only benefit from a system that is perceived to be, and really is, fair to all citizens.”

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