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March 02, 2006

Chancellor Addresses Ad Hoc Committee at Public Hearing for Electronic Case Records

PHILADELPHIA—Alan M. Feldman, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, testified March 2 at a public hearing being conducted by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts’ Public Access Ad Hoc Committee on proposed public access policy concerning electronic case records of the Unified Judicial System. Chief Justice Emeritus Stephen A. Zappala will preside over the hearing in Harrisburg.

All testimony at the hearing was limited to the questions listed below:

  • Should electronic case record information concerning pre-convictions be made available to the public?

  • Will providing electronic case record information containing the party’s full date of birth sufficiently ensure that the “right” party is matched with the “right” case?

  • What specific amendments should be made to delineate the procedure that an individual must follow to correct an error in an electronic case record?

The Philadelphia Bar Association passed a resolution in October 2005 addressing these issues and Chancellor Feldman referenced that resolution in his remarks.

For the full text of Chancellor Feldman's testimony, click HERE.

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