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September 13, 2006

Chancellor Issues Op-Ed on Efforts to Curb Gun Violence

Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Alan M. Feldman issued an op-ed piece to various Southeastern Pennsylvania newspapers commending the Pennsylvania General Assembly's recent efforts to curb gun violence in Philadelphia and other urban areas throughout the Commonwealth.

"Everyone is familiar with the enormous human toll of the senseless murders and crippling injuries inflicted by, and upon, our young people, mostly adolescent men. But it’s not just the perpetrators, the victims and their families who are the casualties of this urban warfare; it really is all of us. Our courts are congested, our prisons full and our social service agencies taxed to the limit by a culture of violence that seems to be spinning even further out of control. It’s time for the civic and political leadership of our city and state to get beyond the hand-wringing and take action," Feldman wrote.

Read the full text here.
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