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October 23, 2007

Committee Now Accepting Nominations for Cheryl Ingram Advocate for Justice Award

The Committee on the Legal Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men is accepting nominations for our annual Cheryl Ingram Advocate for Justice Award.

Please submit nomination in a one-page written statement detailing the nominee's qualifications for receiving the award. Submit nominations by Wednesday, October 31, 2007 to Katie Eyer.

Cheryl A. Ingram served as the Director of Policy Administration for
the Philadelphia Bar Association. She also served on the board of Gay
and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP), including a term as its
Treasurer. Cheryl successfully advocated for GALLOP's evolution into
an effective bar association by assisting in the creation of a
website, endorsing of bar candidates, and advocating for more
visibility and involvement in the greater Philadelphia legal
community. She reached out to both the American and the Pennsylvania
Bar Associations to be inclusive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) community, and encouraged the Philadelphia Bar
Association to endorse a number of pro-LGBT resolutions.

Cheryl was a catalyst in the creation of the Committee on the Legal
Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men at the Philadelphia Bar Association and
was instrumental in the creation of the Advocate for Justice Award,
which recognized the important contributions from allies outside the
LGBT legal community to the cause of equality for all.

Traditionally, the award has gone to a LGBT non-lawyer or a non-LGBT
attorney (to not overlap with GALLOP's annual Michael Greenberg Award,
which is awarded annually to a LGBT attorney).

Prior Recipients of the Cheryl Ingram Advocate for Justice Award

  • 1998 – Clifford Haines
  • 1999 – Kevin Vaughan
  • 2000 – Susan Feathers
  • 2001 – Frank Cervone
  • 2002 – Shannon Duffy
  • 2003 – Jeffrey M. Lindy
  • 2004 – Mark Momjian
  • 2005 – Philadelphia Department of Human Services
  • 2006 – Rita Addessa
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