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February 11, 2009

Attorney Career Development Committee to Meet Feb. 18

In order to address the career and client development needs of attorneys coping with a challenging economic environment, the Philadelphia Bar Association is launching a comprehensive initiative to help attorneys explore opportunities, provide tools to generate additional business, and gain greater control over their careers. The cornerstone of this initiative is the creation of the new Attorney Career Development Committee.

Chaired by Arthur Bousel, Esq., a well-known legal career coach and expert speaker on “Best Practices” in building a network, developing business and finding the right fit for a career, the Committee will bring together attorneys from all areas of practice and phases of their careers to collaborate on developing new business or career opportunities.

Committee initiatives will include:

Expert panels and speakers offered on a regular and on-going basis to address the most pressing career and business development issues facing attorneys.

An annual career enhancement event bringing together leaders from Philadelphia’s legal and business community to share “Best Practice” recommendations for identifying and achieving career and business development goals.

One-on-one coaching is provided to keep members on track in reaching their career and client development goals. Coaching is available for Association members at a significantly discounted rate by Mr. Bousel ( Sessions focus on pragmatic action steps that tap into a client’s natural and learned abilities, yielding practical results.

Committee meetings will focus on key issues, such as making connections to achieve career success, developing a value proposition, overcoming employment gaps or using individual strengths to obtain alternative careers.

Attorneys interested in joining this committee should contact Andrea Morris, membership coordinator, at 215-238-6313.

The first meeting of the Committee will be held at the Association at 12 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 18 in the 10th floor Board Room. Click here to register for this meeting. Thereafter, Committee meetings will be held the Fourth Wednesday of every month.

For information about one-on-one coaching and availability of coaching appointments, contact Mr. Bousel directly ( Specify you are requesting a Philadelphia Bar Association appointment.
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