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March 03, 2009

Renew Membership Today and Save

Members have until April 1 to renew their Bar Association memberships at 2008 prices. Members renewing after April 1 will face a 5 percent increase in their dues. Click here to renew your membership.

Benefits of membership include:

You'll attend informative workshops, meetings and special programs and receive significant discounts on continuing legal education courses offered through the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and the Philadelphia Bar Association. At sessions sponsored by more than 50 committees, nine sections and two divisions, you'll meet and network with colleagues who are experts in every possible legal specialty. You'll interact with people who can help you grow your practice and thrive in your profession.

Within our Young Lawyers Division or as part of one of our many pro bono or public service projects, you will test the broad range of your interests and make valuable contributions to the community while sharing in the proud legacy of the Philadelphia lawyer.

You'll have ongoing access to our ethics hotline which brings more than 20 years of ethics experience to answer your questions. In addition, you can request formal written guidance from our Professional Guidance Committee.

Through our monthly Philadelphia Bar Reporter newspaper, The Philadelphia Lawyer quarterly magazine, our web site, our bi-weekly Bar Reporter Online e-newsbrief and monthly online substantive law publication Upon Further Review, you'll receive a regular menu of information that will update you and keep you connected to our professional family day after day.

You'll benefit from our comprehensive, economical membership insurance package, including professional liability insurance, complete health coverage, group term life insurance, a disability income plan and more. You'll also be able to take advantage of discounted rates on credit cards, health clubs and rental cars.

Finally, our legislative program - under the direction of a full-time, on-site staff attorney and a special consultant in the state Capitol - will champion your interests to lawmakers at City Hall, in Harrisburg and in Washington.

Click here to renew your membership.

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