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January 31, 2013

Chancellor Issues Statement on Traffic Court Indictments

The 13,000-member Philadelphia Bar Association released the following statement from Chancellor Kathleen D. Wilkinson regarding the indictment announced today of nine current or former Philadelphia Traffic Court judges and others.

"This is a sad day for the justice system in Pennsylvania. The charges against these Traffic Court judges and others who have been indicted today cast a shadow on the court that compromises the ability for justice to be dispensed fairly. These indictments, while allegations are pending, raise serious concerns about equal access to justice for thousands of Philadelphians. It is imperative that the Traffic Court's sitting judges who have been indicted resign immediately to maintain the integrity of our justice system. Any implication of favoritism through a selective meting out of unequal justice merits swift condemnation.

We respect the work done by Traffic Court Administrative Judge Gary S. Glazer to enact measures to restore integrity and public confidence in the operations of the court, and believe an overhaul of Traffic Court is needed so that justice is dispensed fairly and without favoritism."
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