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April 02, 2015

Philadelphia Bar Association Announces Ratings of Appellate Court Candidates for May 19 Primary Election


Albert S. Dandridge III, Esq.
A. Harold Datz, Esq.

Albert S. Dandridge III, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, has announced ratings of candidates for Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Judge of the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the May 19 primary election who maintain an office or chambers in Philadelphia.

Dandridge pointed out that the Association's Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention and the Pennsylvania Bar Association's statewide Judicial Evaluation Commission have similar processes for thoroughly investigating and evaluating candidates for judicial office. "Both Commissions provide comprehensive, nonpartisan, objective ratings of the candidates," Dandridge stated. "Consequently, the Philadelphia Bar Association adopted the ratings of the statewide Commission for the candidates we know best – those with an office or chambers in Philadelphia."

A. Harold Datz, Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association's Commission and member of the statewide Commission, added, "Our ratings are intended to be a supplement to the ratings issued by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Judicial Evaluation Commission, and should not be interpreted to be in conflict with the ratings previously given to the other appellate candidates by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission."

The following judicial Candidate was found "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" for election to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:

  • Anne E. Lazarus Highly Recommended

The following judicial candidate was found "RECOMMENDED" for election to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:

  • Kevin M. Dougherty Recommended

The following judicial candidate was found "RECOMMENDED" for election to Superior Court:

  • Alice Beck Dubow Recommended
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