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June 09, 2016

Email Scam Alert: Phishing Attempt

It has come to our attention that some members of several state bar associations including Florida, Georgia, Nevada and California received a fraudulent email indicating that a complaint has been made against their firm. This email is not coming from the bar association and is an attempt to phish members.

The email includes directions to click on a link, which purports to be a copy of the complaint. Bar members in the impacted states are being advised by their bar associations not to click on the link, as it appears to be an attempt to put "ransomware" on the affected computer.

Additionally, there is another email scam targeting various bar associations and their respective members around the country. These emails have the potential to corrupt computer files and may have a subject line such as "bar association past due invoice."

The state bar associations impacted have sent warnings to their audiences, but these scams may continue to spread. The Philadelphia Bar Association encourages its members to remain vigilant regarding suspicious emails that could potentially be fraudulent, including those with links or attachments.

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