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June 16, 2016

Four New Opinions Issued by the Professional Guidance Committee

So far this year, the Committee has issued four formal opinions, each dealing with a different area of ethics.

In 2016-1 the Committee addressed the appropriateness of paying a referral fee to a suspended lawyer. Timing of the referral was key and the Committee concluded that under the specific circumstances as outlined in the situation that the fee could not be paid. For the complete opinion click here.

In 2016-2, a personal injury attorney agreed to also act as one of his client's escrow agents and also agreed to repay an advance on the client's settlement to a funding company. Once the case was settled the client refused to allow repayment by his attorney of the funding loan. Click here to read the Committee's complete advice.

In 2016-3, a law firm with a long history of representation of and business dealings with a former client took on a matter adverse to that client. The former client's new attorney cried foul" and demanded a withdrawal. Click here to read how the Committee sorted this out.

In 2016-4, a suspended lawyer had significant concerns regarding a possible job and compliance with the Pennsylvania Rule of Disciplinary Enforcement that deals with disbarred or suspended attorneys. The Committee guided him through his concerns. Click here to learn the end result.

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