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January 10, 2017

Statement of Chancellor Deborah R. Gross Urging for Thorough Investigation of Sen. Jefferson B. Sessions III

In light of the confirmation hearings underway for Sen. Jefferson B. Sessions III as U.S. Attorney General, Deborah R. Gross, Chancellor of the 12,000-member Philadelphia Bar Association, today issued the following statement:

"We urge Pennsylvania Senators Patrick Toomey and Robert Casey and the other members of the U.S. Senate to thoroughly investigate and assess all of the issues raised in our resolution, adopted by our Board of Governors in December, to determine whether or not Sen. Sessions should be confirmed as U.S. attorney general.

"While we respect the bi-partisan nature of our membership, there are bases for serious concern about the potential confirmation of Sen. Sessions as attorney general of the United States. Our nation's chief law enforcement officer is charged with enforcing the law without prejudice and with an eye toward justice. The Philadelphia Bar Association supports the protection of civil rights and, as part of its mission, has an interest in seeing that those laws are faithfully and fairly enforced."

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