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June 24, 2008

Legislative Action Center Online; Contact Pa. Lawmakers to Support Education Funding

Philadelphia Bar Association members now have the opportunity to let their voices be heard in Harrisburg through the Legislative Action Center on the Association's Web site.

In just three easy steps, members can contact their legislators to express their views regarding issues on which the Association has taken a stand.

First, a member will be asked to enter his or her name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The Web site automatically finds the appropriate state House and Senate members based on the address entered.

Second, when the member clicks on "edit," model letters will appear, already addressed to House and Senate members. At this point, a member will be able to personalize each letter.

Finally, the member will be provided the option of either printing out the letters to mail to legislators or to e-mail the letters directly to the legislators' offices.

With the debut of the Legislative Action Center, members will be able to contact their legislators to urge the General Assembly to enact Gov. Edward G. Rendell's education funding formula designed to provide all school districts with adequate resources within the next six years to meet state proficiency standards in accordance with the Costing-Out Study commissioned by the General Assembly.

Association Chancellor A. Michael Pratt stated in his letter of June 3, 2008, to leaders of the General Assembly and members of the Philadelphia legislative delegation, "As citizens and business persons, we know that an adequate education system throughout the state — in rural areas, suburbs, small cities and big cities — is vital to the economic health of every community and to the state as a whole."

Take a stand on this vital issue. Contact your legislators today through the Philadelphia Bar Association's Legislative Action Center!

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