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April 15, 2011

Philadelphia Bar Association Launches First-Ever Electronic Annual Report

The Philadelphia Bar Association's 2010 activities are now available for review in a first-ever Electronic Annual Report spearheaded by 83rd Chancellor Scott F. Cooper and customized for delivery on a variety of platforms: online, on a mobile phone, and on the iPad.

The report can be accessed here.

"This Annual Report shows we met our goals and serves as both a benchmark of our accomplishments and a base upon which future leaders will grow the Association," Cooper said.

Utilizing innovative technology, the Annual Report features a synopsis of the Association's 2010 events, programs and initiatives; summaries of the activities of the Association's Sections and Committees; an extensive photo gallery; and a time capsule capturing the major happenings of the year.

"Serving as Chancellor was one of the greatest honors any Philadelphia lawyer can ever receive," Cooper said. "I believe this Annual Report shows what a difference we all made together."

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