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July 05, 2011

Herron to Receive Brennan Distinguished Jurist Award

Judge John W. Herron, considered to be an architect of the First Judicial District's Commerce Case Management Program, has been selected as the recipient of the Association's 2011 Justice William J. Brennan Jr. Distinguished Jurist Award.

Judge Herron will be presented with the award, which recognizes a jurist who adheres to the highest ideals of judicial service, at an upcoming quarterly meeting.

"I am truly delighted that Judge Herron is being recognized for his exemplary service to our Philadelphia courts over many years, and for his extraordinarily accomplishments and devotion to our justice system," said Brennan Award Committee Chair Maria A. Feeley.

"The Justice Brennan Award is a terrific honor and I feel quite shocked and surprised to be this year's recipient," said Judge Herron. "It has been a wonderful privilege creating the Commerce Court and witnessing its growth and acceptance by the bar due in large part to the efforts of the core group of lawyers involved and Judge Albert W. Sheppard Jr. I am quite proud to share this award with all of them and with all members of the bar and the judges of this court who have supported the Commerce Program over the years."

Judge Herron, who now sits in Orphans' Court, is a graduate of Duke University and Dickinson Law School. He is a former assistant district attorney as served as chief disciplinary counsel for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 1973 to 1985. He was first elected to the bench in 1987 and has been retained twice since then. He was administrative judge of the FJD's Trial Division from 1996 to 2002.

Previous winners are Justice Brennan, U.S. Magistrate Judges L. Felipe Restrepo and Timothy R. Rice, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Annette M. Rizzo, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Albert W. Sheppard Jr., Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Sandra Mazer Moss, Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Louis Presenza, U.S. District Court Judge Edmund V. Ludwig, U.S. Magistrate Judge James R. Melinson, U.S. District Court Judge Louis Pollak, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Russell M. Nigro, U.S. District Court Judge James T. Giles, U.S. District Court Judge Louis C. Bechtle, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Edward R. Becker, Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Phyllis W. Beck and Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Alex Bonavitacola.
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