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February 23, 2018

Chancellor Condemns Legislators' Call for Impeachment of PA Supreme Court Justices

In light of recent threats by public officials to begin impeachment proceedings against justices of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Mary F. Platt issued the following statement:

"I condemn the actions of members of the legislative branch who have called for the impeachment of justices of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for their recent decisions in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's 2011 U.S. congressional districting map. Separation of powers is a cornerstone of our democracy and the judiciary should not be subject to threats and personal attacks by legislators who disagree with their decisions. While anyone has a right to disagree with a court's decision, it is improper for members of the legislative or executive branches of government to threaten punitive or retaliatory action against a court or individual judge for decisions made in any case. An impartial and independent judiciary is essential to the rule of law and our democracy, and threatening justices with impeachment and engaging in personal attacks on them undermine judicial independence and the public's confidence in our judicial system."

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