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Women's Law Project

Philadelphia Office:
125 S. 9th Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Western Pennsylvania Office:
401 Wood Street, Suite 1020, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Philadelphia Office: 215-928-9801 Western PA Office: 412-281-2892 (phone)
Philadelphia Office: 215-928-9848 Western PA: 412-281-3054 (fax)
WLP’s primary vehicle for direct service is its Telephone Counseling and Consumer Education Service, which provides legal information and referrals to legal and non-legal organizations. Non-attorney counselors return calls and discuss problems, relevant laws and procedures, and resources with callers.
  • 215-928-9801
  • The Women’s Law Project (WLP) works to create a more just and equitable society by advancing the rights and status of all women throughout their lives. To this end, WLP engages in high-impact litigation, advocacy, and education.
  • WLP accepts a very small number of high-impact cases having the potential to benefit large numbers of women or achieve an important doctrinal advance for women. Cases are identified through calls to the Telephone Counseling Service. WLP also supports litigation brought by others through the organizing and filing of amicus curiae briefs.
  • WLP works to enhance the legal rights of women through litigation that will change or enforce existing laws and challenge discriminatory practices, in particular by bringing cases that might not otherwise be brought on behalf of women who might otherwise not be heard. WLP seeks to improve the responsiveness of official and institutional practices and systems to the needs of women, guided by the personal experiences of women and by evidence-based research. WLP empowers women by providing information about their rights and the law. WLP strives to ensure that public officials have current, accurate, unbiased information about key issues such as abortion, violence against women, and women’s health.
  • WLP accepts calls from anyone, without income or geographic restrictions. WLP cannot accept walk-in requests for counseling. Information is most extensive for the Philadelphia region, and more limited for other parts of Pennsylvania
  • Consumers may call WLP’s Main Office Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to complete an intake process for the Telephone Counseling Service. Counselors return calls in the order they are received, giving priority to emergencies. The wait for a return call varies according to call volume; it can sometimes be several days.
  • WLP’s areas of practice include reproductive rights, violence against women, health care, family court and law reform, and discrimination against women and girls in education, with a special focus on Title IX, and in employment. We have a number of publications, all available on our website.
  • Carol Tracy, Esq.
  • Terry Fromson, Esq.
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