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Philadelphia Bar Association Lawyer Referral & Information Service

1101 Market Street 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-238-6333 (phone)
  • 215-238-6333
  • To provide access to justice for those who can afford to pay for an attorney or who have a matter that may be handled on a contingent fee basis, by providing referrals to attorneys in private practice according to area of law who are experienced, insured and in good standing in their practice.
  • LRIS: Income guidelines: none (anyone may call, referrals to attorneys are for clients who either are able to pay an attorney in private practice, or have contingent fee cases.); Geographic guidelines: Philadelphia area;

    Modest Means Program: Income guidelines: income greater than 187.5% of the official poverty threshold (OPT) guideline but no more than 250% of the OPT or income below 187.5 % of the OPT who are nevertheless ineligible for free legal services; Geographic guidelines: legal matter in the Philadelphia area.
  • LRIS: By phone, M – F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., or through the website: www.philadelphiabarlawyers.com 24/7.
    Hours are extended to 8 pm on the third Wednesday of every month, when phones are staffed by volunteer lawyers.
    Modest Means Program: Intake is done by the referring agency, who
    determines client’s eligibility for the Modest Means Program. If client is
    eligible, LRIS staff will refer the client to an attorney.
    For the Modest Means Program, the following cases are accepted at varying flat rates: No Fault Divorce (no financial issues); No Fault Divorce (no financial issues with stipulation as to custody or visitation of children); Spousal Support; Child Support; Protection from Abuse; Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 only); Personal Planning Package; Simple Will; Living Will; Power of Attorney; Unemployment Comp.; Deed Transfer; and Administration of Small Estates
    For the Modest Means Program, the following cases are accepted at reduced hourly rates:
    Consumer, Creditor/Debtor (defense), Eviction (hearing), Landlord/ Tenant, Negligence Defense, and Small Claims Court (hearing)
  • All civil and criminal matters.
  • LRIS staff provides referrals to attorneys who are in private
    practice. When referred to an attorney, clients must expect to pay $35 for the first half-hour consultation. In contingent fee
    matters, the consultation fee does not have to be paid upfront. Thereafter, the client may negotiate the fee with the attorney.
    Fee Dispute Program: resolves disagreements about fees
    between clients and lawyers out of court. For more information,
    call (215) 238-6369.
  • Charles J. Klitsch, Esq. Director of Public & Legal Services
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