The Philadelphia Lawyer Summer 2019

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article image From the Editor & In Memoriam
by John C. Gregory Jr.
article image Representation Matters
The dictionary definition of "representation" is just as important as the legal definition

by Richard Coble
article image The History of MLK in Philadelphia
How the city helped shape the man and the movement
by Patrick McKnight
article image 60 Years On: Cause for Pause
Changes in parole sentencing decimated a generation
by Steve LaCheen
article image
When depositions reveal more than was intended
by Niki T. Ingram
article image Unlikely Sisters in the Law: Navigating the American Legal System from an Atypical Perspective
Bound by experience rather than by blood
by Anita S. Davis & Adebola Aderinto
article image The Battle to Change the Mississippi State Flag
The battle to upend one of America’s sorest losers
by Michael T. Scott
article image Standing on the Shoulders: The Black Philadelphia Lawyer
A brief, but thorough, history of lawyering while black in Philadelphia
by Carl E. Singley
article image Complicity
Racial segregation was the law… perpetuated by lawyers
by M. Kelly Tillery
article image The Lynching Memorial
A reminder of the precarious nature of one’s “freedom”
by Albert S. Dandridge III
article image Framing the National Eviction Crisis as a Racial and Gender Justice Issue
Women of color make up 70% of Philadelphians who face an eviction filing
by Rasheedah Phillips & Jenna Collins