The Philadelphia Lawyer Fall 2015

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From the Editor
by Steven R. Sher

Briefs & In Memoriam

The only thing that is certain is change
by Judith Bernstein-Baker

Ethical duties with electronic discovery are the new normal
by Daniel J. Siegel

Understanding valuations in client representations without a business background
by Julia A. Auerbach

10 Questions for President Judge Susan Peikes Gantman
The President Judge of Superior Court discusses the role of the court and its advancements
by Daniel J. Siegel

Trial Practice: The ABCs and Beyond (Part 3)
The final installment of a three-part series documenting trial best practices
by Dennis R. Suplee

Appearances Do Matter
Sartorial choices remain a prominent topic of conversation
by David S. Wolf

The Honorary Consul
A local attorney also serves in an international capacity

Richard G. Freeman

Reefer Madness Redux
An inside look at Nixon's anti-drug outreach program
by M. Kelly Tillery

Lessons Learned - Annals of Justice
Knowing the judge is as valuable as knowing the law, possibly more
by Steve LaCheen

Ethical concerns and the dangers of compromising client confidentiality in the cloud are quite real
by Daniel J. Siegel

Book Review
"The Wise Legacy" by Daniel J. Siegel
by M. Kelly Tillery

That Was Then - 1995
The Saint Thomas More Society Red Mass, October 1995