The Philadelphia Lawyer Spring 2010

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From the Editor
by Deborah Weinstein

Readers’ Forum


Advocate & Law Practice Management
Advocate: Public trust doctrine and parks both need preservation
by Stacey Graham
Law Practice Management: Now is the time to switch your law office’s computers to Windows 7
by Daniel J. Siegel

CLE – Mastering Medical Matters
Samuel D. Hodge helps lawyers and judges learn about anatomy in a popular CLE program
by Harriet K. Goodheart

The World of Refugee Resettlement
The quasi-legal steps involving refugees take place outside the framework of most immigration administrative processing
by Judith Bernstein-Baker

10 Questions for Carl E. Singley
The veteran litigator on challenges facing the legal community and diversity
by May Mon Post

Lincoln in Philadelphia
Abraham Lincoln visited Philadelphia six times, but only once as President
by M. Kelly Tillery

The War on Illicit File Sharing
Internet service providers struggle with peer-to-peer file sharing
by Eric A. Packel

The Other Side of Up With People
An attorney makes a film about the singing group after her husband reveals he was an “Uppie”
by Jennifer L. Robinson

Banks, Dillinger and Mad Dog Earle
Johnny Depp and Humphrey Bogart had different styles when it came to portraying gangsters
by Michael J. Carroll

Apple’s latest device, the iPad, is much more than an electronic book reader
by Dan Giancanterino

Book: “When Everything Changed” by Gail Collins
by David I. Grunfeld Music: “First Take,” performed by Standard Time
by Justice J. Michael Eakin

That Was Then - 1980
Commemorating Andrew Hamilton’s anniversary