The Philadelphia Lawyer Spring 2011

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Cover and Table of Contents

From the Editor
by Kim R. Jessum

Briefs, In Memoriam & Readers' Comments

Labor and Employment Law
Facebook is not a license for employees to say or write anything
by Barry R. Elson

Disability Law
Working with a sign language interpreter
by Pamela Whitney

Family Law
Religious issues in Pennsylvania custody cases
by David I. Grunfeld

10 Questions for Zane David Memeger
Zane David Memeger is apolitical when it comes to following the law, which makes him a great fit to lead the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District
by Jennifer Robinson

Running With the Bowls
Attorney and NFL Films volunteer Richard S. Seidel has been on the sidelines for the last seven Super Bowls
by Michael Petitti

Righting an Ancient Wrong
It took more than 160 years, but the Pennsylvania Supreme Court finally admitted George Vashon to the practice of law
by Nolan N. Atkinson Jr.

Fastcase: Research Made Easy
Thanks to the Bar Association's newest member benefit, attorneys can complete most, if not all, of their online legal research for free
by Daniel J. Siegel

Canceled: The End of Televised Federal Trials
The U.S. Supreme Court implies that only cases in which there is little public interest would be appropriate for broadcast
by M. Kelly Tillery

The Art/Ache of Cross Examination
A young attorney fills in during the preliminary hearing of a criminal case involving two juveniles
by Stephen R. Lacheen

One lawyer's dive into the blogosphere for fun and (maybe) profit
by Margaret Klaw

Book Review
A Database on Steroids, The Lawyer's Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap
by James A. Backstrom

That Was Then - 1986
Pulitzer Prize-winner George Will addresses Association members