The Philadelphia Lawyer Summer 09

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From the Editor
Babylon Revisted
by Peter F. Vaira

Reader's Forum
Reader's Forum

Briefs and in Memoriam

Briefs and In Memoriam

Family Law
Discovery of Mental Health Records in Custody Cases
by Julie A. Auerbach

Ethical Considerations For Departing Lawyers
by David I. Grunfeld and Evie Boss Cogan

Thriving Where Law, Business and the World Intersect
The career of the University of Pennsylvania's Janice R. Bellace has spanned teh globe.
by Arlene Rivera Finkelstein

Maintaining Your Practice in Extraordinary Times
A lawyer adapts and changes when the economy dictates.
by Steven M. Foxman

Lawyers in Transition
As a result of teh economic upheaval in the legal landscape, the Philadelphia Bar Association has created Lawyers in Transition, an initiative designed to assist attorneys who suddenly find themselves out of work.
by Daniel J. Seigel

Sailing of Solo
A lawyer finds that opening his own practice was much harder and time consuming than he could have ever imagined, but very gratifying.
by Daniel J. Siegel

A Visit to the Newest Country in the World

Catherine Carr travels to Kosovo to teach law, but learns more than she taught.
by Catherine C. Carr

The Curious Case of H. Beatty Chadwick

H. Beatty Chadwick has never been charged with a crime, yet he has been incarcerated in Delaware County for nearly 14 years.
by Peter F. Vaira


Photographer makes the transition from film to digital cameras.
by Daniel J. Siegel

Book Review

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacob P. Hart's novel looks into the world of labor and business in Lancaster, Pa.
by Michael Koptiw

That Was Then - 1989

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation holds its first Gold Classic