The Philadelphia Lawyer Summer 2015

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Cover and Table of Contents

From the Editor
by M. Kelly Tillery

Briefs & In Memoriam

Communications with former supervisors generally permitteds
by Daniel J. Siegel

10 Questions for Administrative Judge Margaret T. Murphy
The basics of IRA retirement planning
by Shabrei M. Parker

Everyone is Entitled to Intellectual Property Protection
An attorney discusses the advice he gave to a "niche industry" on intellectual property law
by M. Kelly Tillery

Who Said Retirement's a Walk on the Beach?
Retiring properly can be a full-time job
by Michael M. Coleman

Spotting Attorneys in Distress - Before it's Too Late
Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers saved her life, and now she’s paying it forward
by Maya J. Brown

Two Countries Grappling with Immigration Policy
Parallels are drawn between immigration policies of the U.S. and Germany
by Judith Bernstein-Baker

YLD Law Week Poster Contest Winners

Thoughts on Lawyers and Poetry
Poetry can be a welcome escape from the hectic world of legal practice
by Jay M. Starr

A new policy will require litigants to remove confidential information from filings
by Daniel J. Siegel

Book Review
"The Politics of Piracy: Crime and Civil Disobedience in Colonial America" by Douglas R. Burgess, Jr.
by M. Kelly Tillery

That Was Then - 2005
Philadelphia Bar Foundation's 17th Annual Golf Outing June 2005