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Looking Forward
by Peter F. Vaira
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Briefs and in Memoriam, Advocate, Public Interest, and Workers' Compensation

Briefs and In Memoriam

Advocate: Has Jack McCoy of "Law & Order" changed the jury's anticipation and perception?
by David A. Gradwohl

Public Interest: Is law school student loan debt relief finally on the horizon for attorneys pursuing careers in public service?
by Louis S. Rulli and Eric Foley

Workers' Compensation: Use pharmacy records to learn a signifcant amount of information about the plaintiff.
by Niki T. Ingram

An Unlikely Spy - Tales From Time in the Intelligence Community
A Philadelphia lawyer answers the call and joins the United States intelligence network.
by Jack Thomas Tomarchio

Litigation, Subprime Lending and the Financial Crisis
Since 2007 the FBI and SEC have opened more than 1.200 criminal investigations and three dozen civil investigations in to corporations, entities and individuals involved with subprime lending.
by Ronald A. Sarachan and Daniel J.T. McKenna

Sayde Ladov Hits the Ground Running
The transplanted New Yorker has been involved in Bar activities for more than 25 years. She's ready, waiting and raring to go as Chancellor in 2009.
by Paul Kazaras

The Vidocq Society
An all-volunteer group works to solve cold cases.
by William L. Fleisher

Understanding the Music Industry's Changing Economy and Wall Street's Interest in Song Catalogs
Music publishing has caught the eye of the financial world as an opportunity to acquire relatively certain long-term assets.
by Christopher J. Cabbott

Technology, Book Review, and That Was Then - 1979

Technology: Unlock the secrets of Microsoft Outlook to work smarter and faster
by Daniel J. Siegel

Book Review: David Carr's The Night of the Gung: A Reporter Investigates teh Darkest Story of His Life. His Own.
by James Backstrom

That was Then - 1979: The Philadelphia Bar Foundation's First Andrew Hamilton Ball.