WHEREAS, the Charter and Bylaws Committee has recommended adding the attached Section 217 to the Association’s Bylaws, to create a Long-Range Advisory Council; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Governors has considered and agrees with the Charter and Bylaws Committee’s recommendation;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors hereby approves the addition of Section 217 to the Bylaws as shown on the attached copy, and approves the submission of the proposed amendment to the Members, in accordance with Section 1100(A)(1) of the Bylaws;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proposed amendment be published and submitted to the Members for their approval, in accordance with Section 1100(B) of the Bylaws.

ADOPTED: November 18, 2010

Section 217. Long-Range Advisory Council

  1. The Long-Range Advisory Council (the "Council") shall consider the long term goals of the Association and make recommendations to the Chancellor and the Board regarding achievement of those goals through means which may take more than a single year. The Council shall have the discretion to meet and to make such recommendations as often as it deems advisable. Such recommendations shall be advisory only, and shall not limit the authority of the Chancellor or the Board, nor shall the Chancellor or the Board be required to conform agenda items, policy or resolutions to the Council’s recommendations.
  2. The Council shall consist of the following persons, each of whom shall be entitled to vote:
    1. The Chancellor;
    2. The Chancellor-Elect;
    3. The Vice Chancellor;
    4. The Chair of the Young Lawyers Division; and
    5. Nine Members of the Association, who shall be appointed as follows:
      1. Each year, the Chancellor shall appoint three Members to serve on the Council for a term of three years, except as provided in Section 217(B)(5)(e) with respect to the initial appointments.
      2. To be eligible for appointment to the Council, a Member must be well respected and have an established record of service and commitment to the Association, preferably in a high leadership capacity. It is also preferable that appointed Members have no intention to run for any other elected office of the Association.
      3. Appointments to the Council shall be made with due regard for the Association’s commitment to diversity.
      4. Members of the Council shall be eligible for re-appointment to successive terms.
      5. The first nine appointments to the Council shall be made by the Chancellor, with the consent of the Board, for the following terms: three for three-year terms, three for two-year terms, and three for one-year terms.
  3. The Chair of the Council shall be appointed each year by the Chancellor from among the nine appointed members.
  4. Any vacancy among the appointed members of the Council shall be filled for the duration of the unexpired term by appointment of the Chancellor.