Resolution Rescinding Automatic Dues Increase And Establishing Late Fee For Untimely Dues Payment

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association (“Association”) invoices members for dues on an annual basis;

WHEREAS, the Association budget is largely driven by timely receipt of dues;

WHEREAS, Association members may pay as late as December at the annual meeting for dues payable in the calendar year ending that month in order to vote in the annual election;

WHEREAS, the Board of Governors passed a Resolution on 10/26/99 which effectively raised membership dues annually by 5% across all membership categories;

WHEREAS, it is important that members who pay late be assessed a modest late fee;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Resolution passed 10/26/99 entitled Resolution Raising Membership Dues 5% With No Dues Increase if Paid Timely is hereby rescinded; and

FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, that individuals who pay dues after March 31 of the calendar year in which dues are payable will be assessed a $15 late fee.



Adopted: October 29, 2009