Summmer 2007, Vol. 70, No. 2

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  • A Fine Art: Public Institutions Maneuver the Delicate Work of Deaccessioning Art
    by Kathleen C. Carignan
    After a groundbreaking fundraising drive, Thomas Eakins's painting The Gross Clinic will remain in Philadelphia, and Thomas Jefferson University will receive $68 million. This is just the beginning of the story, however. The Gross Clinic controversy highlights a legal issue all collecting institutions face — deaccessioning.
  • Passage to Partnership
    by Jane L. Dalton
    A Bar Association visit to Israel paves the way for an exchange program with a global perspective.
  • Complex Compromise
    by Karen M. Stockmal
    Civil Union Act's steps toward equality stumble over state and federal differences.
  • My Favorite Things
    by Daniel J. Siegel
    Three indispensable gadgets for today's mobile lawyer