May 13, 2008

Register Online for Bar Association and School District A.C.E. Program

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Advancing Civics Education (A.C.E.) is a program launched by the Philadelphia Bar Association in partnership with public schools in Philadelphia to provide supplemental civics education — in areas such as fundamental principles of citizenship, democracy and dispute resolution — to ninth-grade public school students.

An understanding of civics, legal systems and civic participation is vital to the success of future generations. A.C.E. brings civics to life for Philadelphia high school students. This effort will complement the hard work of teachers and principals to create a bridge from middle school to high school that focuses upon each citizen's rights and responsibilities within our community, our Commonwealth and our rapidly changing world.

Sign up to volunteer here.

Sign Up to Volunteer at the 29th Annual 5K Run/Walk May 18

More than 700 runners and walkers will make their way along Martin Luther King Drive on Sunday, May 18 at 8:30 a.m. for the Association's 29th Annual 5K Run/Walk. Click here to register online.

The event will include both a 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) run and a 5-kilometer walk, both of which can be entered by individuals. Legal and company teams can enter the team competition in the run. For Association members who sign up as members of the Bar, your finishing time will be recorded in both the open competition and the Bar competition. This will allow you the chance to win a medal in your age group in both competitions.

The event will support the Support Center for Child Advocates. Everyone who participates will receive a T-shirt. At the finish line after the run there will be a variety of refreshments, giveaways and other post-run activities that are fun for the entire family.

If you would like to volunteer to help on Sunday, please contact Alicia Garcia.


My First Federal Trial May 15

Your first federal jury trial can be (and often is) a harrowing experience. You are a lawyer after all – and you’re supposed to know how to do this stuff! The Federal Courts Committee and the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association offer this course for the young (and not so young) lawyer who is facing this momentous occasion. While there are plenty of trail practice courses available to teach trial skills, this program is designed to fill the gaps and to learn right from the judges everything you really want to know, but are afraid to ask.

Join PBI on Thursday, May 15 at the Federal Courthouse Ceremonial Courtroom (601 Market Street) from
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Registration begins at 3:30 p.m. and is available here. Reception immediately following program.

Use Your Contact List Frequently! It is a marketing gold mine! by Stacy West Clark

Hi Happy Lawyers! This month's marketing tip is: Use Your Contact List Frequently! It is a marketing gold mine!

Per last month's column, now that you have put together a current contacts list, it is time to use it to market. Remember that one of the keys to developing business is having strong relationships with your contacts-and having strong relationships means demonstrating how you are constantly thinking about their challenges, needs, likes, dislikes, passions, etc.

So, on a monthly basis, do the following:

1) Review the list and set up one lunch a week with a prospect or referral source on it.

2) Set up an on-site visit to one client or prospective client on the list.

3) Work with your secretary and/or librarian and track news about those on your list. When a contact is in the news, send them a note congratulating them on it.

4) Track new local, state or federal legislation that may affect some key contacts on your list and send them regular updates on the status.

5) Similarly, inform them of recent caselaw (1-2 sentence note max!) that may affect their business.

6) Review the list to see who you can introduce to one another-for purposes of expanding their business or list of contacts.

7) Review the list to see if you can purchase the services or become a client of someone on your list.

8) Identify someone on the list you can nominate for an award or honor of some kind.

9) Review the list to identify who should receive firm mailings, including newsletters, press releases, seminar invitations and more.

Every time you network, or attend any kind of event, add the names of new contacts to your contact lists and keep reviewing it for ACTION you can take. Remember—you must keep demonstrating that you are tops in your field, fully informed on developments affecting your contacts' industries and businesses, great to work with and ready to deliver outstanding service when they need you. These are the elements of terrific marketing!

Stacy West Clark, Esq. is President of Stacy Clark Marketing LLC, a firm dedicated to helping lawyers and law firms grow their business. She can be reached at

Stacy is on the Steering Committee of the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group, a free group that holds monthly lunch programs on important marketing topics. If you would like to receive invitations to upcoming events, please email Stacy or go to

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